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Blogging Hiatus

Remember the whole ‘let’s get fit for Hawaii!’ post? Ya things changed. Mostly Chocolate Chip got sick for three weeks and Pumpkin soon followed. With this illness plaguing our routines, we were forced to stay in bed and drink a lot of liquids till our phlegm and coughs suppressed. But we still managed to make it to Hawaii (which we will talk about in posts to come).

Before leaving on our journey to Maui, we decided to do a Utah hike since we were both in better spirits. We decided to do Lake Blanche, for real this time. Lake Blanche

Located in Mill B we made our way up to the beautiful lakes that awaited us. Pumpkin has this really cool app that lets us see our distance, time, elevation, speed and other cool stuff, so we are able to track our hikes with it. It wasn’t extremely strenuous on the way up, the trail is gorgeous so the views distract you from your tiring legs. Once at the top you are able to walk round Lake Blanche and a few other lakes as well. The views are amazing, the only down side is the trail is pretty busy with people going up and down. People were nice about letting us pass them though, and by the end we half ran down to make sure a couple behind us didn’t catch up (and they didn’t). Afterwards we dragged our hungry bodies to sushi and pigged out on tempura shrimp and california rolls.

IMG_0953Lake Blanche


Being thugs on top of the mountain


Our Newest Form of Exercise

the summitWe have been searching for activities we can do together that are cheap as well as get us in shape. For the most part our week day workout sessions consist of us working out separately (Chocolate Chip goes to the University Gym and Pumpkin goes to his gym at work), so we tend to try and get our ‘together’ exercises in during the weekend. Recently though we’ve been looking into rock climbing. Pumpkin has been rock climbing for awhile but hasn’t been keeping up on it regularly. Chocolate Chip on the other hand has climbed a total of one time. After much thought and research the various indoor climbing gyms around the area, we decided to go to our Universities gym, which now has an indoor climbing facility. The price to rock climb at a regular gym is anywhere between $17-$30 (that’s including the one harness we need), at the university Pumpkin pays $6 (cause he is an alumni) and Chocolate Chip pays $2 (for a harness rental). It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. After a bolet training we are now able top role and boulder for only $8 (even less once we get a second harness). So now we get to add another fun activity to our chart and cannot wait to get more fit with rock climbing!

Already on my wish list?

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Rock Shoes

rock climbing shoes both

Petzel Corax Climbing Harness


Saturday Hike

MapPumpkin and I spent our Saturday hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We decided to hike to Lake Blanche, but unbeknown to us, we had gone the wrong way. So we ended up hiking our way up to Mt Raymond, the trail we had mistakenly taken. Needless to say we had an incredible hike. The hike was only 6 miles round trip but with a lot of switchbacks, steady incline and about 3,000ft elevation gain. According to our FitBits we walked about 22,000 steps with 233 active minutes. Fitness aspects aside, the hike was incredibly fun with spectacular views. After about an hour of hiking you arrive at this massive rock that overlooks the canyon. We stopped there for a bit to take pictures and rest our legs. Afterwards it was another vertical hike to the base of Mt. Raymond. Sadly it would have been a bushwhacking scramble to make it to the top of the peak since there wasn’t a clear path to take. Since we had almost run out of water we decided to be safe and not climb to the peak. We ate our fruit leathers, Clif Bars and yummy pistachios before heading back down. Once we got back to our car our legs were a bit wobbly so we treated ourselves to dinner and drinks at Park City’s High West Distillery & Saloon. All-in-all it was a fun hike, but next week we will do Lake Blanche for real.

IMG_0678View from the rock




Mount RaymondIMG_0986Chocolate Chip + Pumpkin

Getting Ready for Hawaii


Pumpkin and I have planned a trip to Maui, Hawaii in September for a friends wedding. The first thing we realized was “Oh right, we are not ‘bikini’ ready!” so the preparation has begun. We’ve got almost 8 weeks until we get on a plane to Hawaii and we made a diet and workout plan to achieve the goals our swimsuit goals.

Pumpkin: My exercise routine will have to be a bit flexible due to my ever-changing and often times sporadic schedule. With that in mind, I have set a few general goals to get ready for Hawaii, and more importantly, a continued healthy lifestyle.

1.) Run 20-30 miles per week, increasing distance each week and 40 miles the week prior to leaving for Hawaii.

2.) A combination of cardio and strength training with strength training 4 days/week including, but not limited to, upper AND lower body.

3.) Healthy eating with my favorite Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate Chip: I will be following a Meal Plan from blogilates.com (with a few tweaks). Along with this diet I will be working out 6 days a week with cardio and weight training. For cardio I am following the Nike + Run Club workouts. I am beginning with the NRC Workout Cards (seeing as I am not the greatest runner) and will then work up to their 5K Training Plan. As for weight training I will be doing Blogilates Bikini Blaster Workouts, a series of 12 days repeated over the 8 weeks.

With Hawaii in mind I also have been dreaming of which swimsuits to buy. Sadly all the suits I’m pining after are well over $100.


Victoria Secret / Need Supply / Free People