Getting Ready for Hawaii

by Emily Norell


Pumpkin and I have planned a trip to Maui, Hawaii in September for a friends wedding. The first thing we realized was “Oh right, we are not ‘bikini’ ready!” so the preparation has begun. We’ve got almost 8 weeks until we get on a plane to Hawaii and we made a diet and workout plan to achieve the goals our swimsuit goals.

Pumpkin: My exercise routine will have to be a bit flexible due to my ever-changing and often times sporadic schedule. With that in mind, I have set a few general goals to get ready for Hawaii, and more importantly, a continued healthy lifestyle.

1.) Run 20-30 miles per week, increasing distance each week and 40 miles the week prior to leaving for Hawaii.

2.) A combination of cardio and strength training with strength training 4 days/week including, but not limited to, upper AND lower body.

3.) Healthy eating with my favorite Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate Chip: I will be following a Meal Plan from (with a few tweaks). Along with this diet I will be working out 6 days a week with cardio and weight training. For cardio I am following the Nike + Run Club workouts. I am beginning with the NRC Workout Cards (seeing as I am not the greatest runner) and will then work up to their 5K Training Plan. As for weight training I will be doing Blogilates Bikini Blaster Workouts, a series of 12 days repeated over the 8 weeks.

With Hawaii in mind I also have been dreaming of which swimsuits to buy. Sadly all the suits I’m pining after are well over $100.


Victoria Secret / Need Supply / Free People