Saturday Hike

by Emily Norell

MapPumpkin and I spent our Saturday hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We decided to hike to Lake Blanche, but unbeknown to us, we had gone the wrong way. So we ended up hiking our way up to Mt Raymond, the trail we had mistakenly taken. Needless to say we had an incredible hike. The hike was only 6 miles round trip but with a lot of switchbacks, steady incline and about 3,000ft elevation gain. According to our FitBits we walked about 22,000 steps with 233 active minutes. Fitness aspects aside, the hike was incredibly fun with spectacular views. After about an hour of hiking you arrive at this massive rock that overlooks the canyon. We stopped there for a bit to take pictures and rest our legs. Afterwards it was another vertical hike to the base of Mt. Raymond. Sadly it would have been a bushwhacking scramble to make it to the top of the peak since there wasn’t a clear path to take. Since we had almost run out of water we decided to be safe and not climb to the peak. We ate our fruit leathers, Clif Bars and yummy pistachios before heading back down. Once we got back to our car our legs were a bit wobbly so we treated ourselves to dinner and drinks at Park City’s High West Distillery & Saloon. All-in-all it was a fun hike, but next week we will do Lake Blanche for real.

IMG_0678View from the rock




Mount RaymondIMG_0986Chocolate Chip + Pumpkin