Our Newest Form of Exercise

by Emily Norell

the summitWe have been searching for activities we can do together that are cheap as well as get us in shape. For the most part our week day workout sessions consist of us working out separately (Chocolate Chip goes to the University Gym and Pumpkin goes to his gym at work), so we tend to try and get our ‘together’ exercises in during the weekend. Recently though we’ve been looking into rock climbing. Pumpkin has been rock climbing for awhile but hasn’t been keeping up on it regularly. Chocolate Chip on the other hand has climbed a total of one time. After much thought and research the various indoor climbing gyms around the area, we decided to go to our Universities gym, which now has an indoor climbing facility. The price to rock climb at a regular gym is anywhere between $17-$30 (that’s including the one harness we need), at the university Pumpkin pays $6 (cause he is an alumni) and Chocolate Chip pays $2 (for a harness rental). It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. After a bolet training we are now able top role and boulder for only $8 (even less once we get a second harness). So now we get to add another fun activity to our chart and cannot wait to get more fit with rock climbing!

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