Blogging Hiatus

by Emily Norell

Remember the whole ‘let’s get fit for Hawaii!’ post? Ya things changed. Mostly Chocolate Chip got sick for three weeks and Pumpkin soon followed. With this illness plaguing our routines, we were forced to stay in bed and drink a lot of liquids till our phlegm and coughs suppressed. But we still managed to make it to Hawaii (which we will talk about in posts to come).

Before leaving on our journey to Maui, we decided to do a Utah hike since we were both in better spirits. We decided to do Lake Blanche, for real this time. Lake Blanche

Located in Mill B we made our way up to the beautiful lakes that awaited us. Pumpkin has this really cool app that lets us see our distance, time, elevation, speed and other cool stuff, so we are able to track our hikes with it. It wasn’t extremely strenuous on the way up, the trail is gorgeous so the views distract you from your tiring legs. Once at the top you are able to walk round Lake Blanche and a few other lakes as well. The views are amazing, the only down side is the trail is pretty busy with people going up and down. People were nice about letting us pass them though, and by the end we half ran down to make sure a couple behind us didn’t catch up (and they didn’t). Afterwards we dragged our hungry bodies to sushi and pigged out on tempura shrimp and california rolls.

IMG_0953Lake Blanche


Being thugs on top of the mountain